"To Go" Set

Product Description

Enjoy our Limited Edition "To Go" set, Gorjue's Take Out Box and Foodie Beauty Bundle! We will only carry this special set for a limited time so enjoy it while you can!

The Gorjue Take Out Box is so nostalgically cute and giant all at the same time! Too bad it's not filled with your favorite chow mein or fried rice, but makes for a unique and show stopping display!

The colors of the lipsticks mimic and are titled foods from around the world!  Gorjue offers its full first line of five cream lipsticks to all our foodie beauties who want to collect them all!

  • Spicy tuna roll lipstick
  • California burger lipstick
  • Southern fried chicken lipstick
  • New York hotdog lipstick
  • Salmon nigiri lipstick

Product Details

Gorjue Take Out Box:

  • Hard White Vinyl
  • Open/Close lid with inside storage
  • Metal handle
  • LxHxW  10in x 8.5in x 9in

Foodie Beauty Bundle:

  • Citrus vanilla scented lipstick
  • Cream finish lipstick
  • Velvet texture feel
  • Sheer to opaque
  • Very moisturizing
  • Long wear lipstick
  • Cruelty Free/Vegan Cosmetics

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